Friday, September 9, 2011

Midwestern Adventure

Well, I've been home since late Wednesday afternoon.  Had dinner with my in-laws, which is always a nice time.  Came home to play with my niece Alayna, who calls me alternately Kate or Cake, depending on her pronunciation at the time.  We're having a blast.  And by blast, I mean, holy moley I'm seriously wondering how on earth I am going to survive my own toddler... A is exhausting!  We're currently sitting in the kitchen, not quite 8 a.m., and eating cheerios and drinking chocolate milk (well, I'm drinking iced tea in an attempt to wake up). 

It's been a different sort of visit.  Super busy.  I don't even know how to put everything into words right now.  I miss G, he usually is with me on trips back here, and without him everything just feels a little "off."  We're heading shopping later this morning to try and figure out what on earth I am going to wear to the baby shower tomorrow.  I want to look pretty, so usually I'd shoot for a dress... but shirts tend to cling to the belly and show her off better (and let's face it, most want to come and see the belly!).  I've had several people now ask to touch my belly.  Old friends who say they miss being pregnant.  I'm enjoying this pregnancy, but I can't imagine missing the whole "I can't bend over to pick up my handbag while sitting" phenomenon! 

Mostly, I'm glad to be here.  To give G some time to kind of settle back in without having to focus on me.  He's been playing with his new camera and relaxing.  He's eager to see me come home (already having asked if it's time for me to return yet), but enjoying the rest. 

So now, I'm off after the toddler again!  I think only 1 more hour until Nana gets home...

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