Friday, September 2, 2011

Fluff Friday

Yesterday G was laughing and tells me he has to tell about something his co-worker said.  Apparently this guy is saying that we should go to Germany for a base because they're supposed to be good and because... "well, then your wife would be closer to her family."  Garret stared at him perplexedly and asks him what he means.  The co-worker explained that he had seen the photo of me on G's desk and that he knew G had been stationed in England, and he thought that I was European and G had married me over there.  At this point I'm cracking up and grinning like a cat who caught the canary.  Then G says that no, I'm from Missouri the same as him.  His co-worker laughs and says he didn't know women who looked like that came from Missouri!

So yes, I got a little bit of a big head for the afternoon.  He's never going to live this down.  Ha!

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