Saturday, September 3, 2011

Man, I Feel Like A Woman

I tend to feel like I took a gamble with G, and won the jackpot.  Not always.  I mean, damn these last couple years have definitely had their rough moments (understatement of the century).  But overall, I chose to marry my best friend and I don't regret that decision.

Which all sounds so deep, amusingly enough.  Because the topic of conversation today is about how I got lucky and married a man who truly tends to encourage me to spend money on beauty/fashion/etc.  I'm a bit of a tighter fist with money which greatly conflicts with my love of being a woman.  I say, "honey I want to spend money to buy this curling iron" and he doesn't even blink.  I describe a make-up palette and why I'm considering it and he says, "I think you should get it."  I married a man who compliments the way I tend to either look natural, or sexy, but not over the top, and who loves that I'm so womanly.

And on the other side of that coin is I married a boy who has turned into a man.  Mmm.  He knows what he likes, he's unapologetic about liking to look good, and he appreciates manly things.  No, we're not talking football (of which he's not really a fan), but things like a glass of scotch, the scent of a good cigar, a straight edge shave, and a three piece suit.  Old school man.

We haven't always been this way, and in fact, we've sort of naturally gravitated towards those opposites as we grew up together.  But it works.  He holds the door and walks on the outside of the sidewalk.  I don't try and hide the fact that I tend to have swaying hips as I walk and a flirtatious personality.  We're sometimes like a real life version of some old black and white film.  We have a delicious chemistry.

So I keep it in mind when he slowly asks me not to dye my hair blonde (something I'm always threatening to do).  I'm headed to the salon this afternoon to have them work their magic on my silver threads (a.k.a. my grandmother's contribution to my looks), and plan to go dark for the fall.  Then it will be home to pamper myself a bit, and relax (the stupid grand prix is here this weekend flying through the streets of our city, so I'm staying in).  I'll try and update with pics later if it looks like a dramatic change!

Life is good, and I'm enjoying a slow weekend before a packed week next week.  Glucose tests, coffee dates with friends, and a party... oh my!

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