Saturday, September 3, 2011

Indulging My Feminine Side

Today's hair appointment went splendid.  I'm slowly learning to just fork over the money to get my hair done because I always feel relaxed and yet perky after.  I guess wine and then coffee will do that!  My hair is a dark chocolate now, very sultry. (photo to come tomorrow when there is some decent light.)

Then I went shopping for a pretty bra.  Trying to find something that suited my style and current size was a pain in the rear.  I ended up with a cream colored bra, which has to be a first in a long, long time.  But, knowing what size I am now in that particular brand I'm planning to order a black one from their site.

And make-up.  Sephora and I have a long time love affair that actually began in Paris.  I had never been in one of their stores before then, and it was a match made in girly heaven.  I like a make-up store or brand that allows you to buy something and then if at home it doesn't work out for you, they allow you to return it (Smashbox is the same way, and I am super loyal to them). Make-up items can look good in the store and look horrible later.  And don't even get me started on face products that might seem fine, but within a day or two have your skin broken out or inflamed.

I actually picked up a curling iron to play with, and the lady assured me that if I hate it to just bring it back.  I also splurged and got the touche eclat because when I tried it in the store I instantly looked 10 times more awake than I had before.  As a mama in the third trimester, this was a blessing.  I got up to the counter, noticed they had a Benefit set as a beauty points perk.  It has a mini bad lash mascara, a mini brightening face primer, and a full size dandelion blush.  The woman tried the blush out on me, and it looked so natural and pretty I was about to sing the hallelujah chorus.  I have accumulated so many points there and they never have anything I would want at all.  A free bonus that is worth nearly $60?  Yes, thank you.  (for the record, I appreciate that Smashbox's site has pretty points, where you accumulate money to spend in their store!)

I grabbed the Laura Mercier eyelash curler from Nordstroms (I have the Shu Uemura, but have really fallen for this one even more).  And then on the way out I stopped at the Origins counter of Macys.  They have a new product called Night A Mins night cream that I had heard great things about... but with my pregnancy skin I've found some things just don't mesh well with my skin.  I asked if they had samples, explaining my predicament.  Lucky me, they usually don't give out samples of their new items, but the sales woman was also pregnant, completely understood and went ahead and got me a mini bit of it.  At this point I'm willing to try anything that helps me look more awake!

Now I'm home and resting my very sore feet.  Have some organizing to do and then I'm going to relax with a face mask and a chick flick.  Such an exciting Saturday night! 


  1. Benefit makes an under eye concealer called eye bright that I love. It is purple and is amazing. Mine came with some of their boing concealer, I found it upfront at ulta.

  2. Hi sweety I just stumbled upon your blog and it's tres fabulous!! You sound like you had such a glamorous day. Good for you! Nice to meet you...hope you stop by to say hi!