Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Days And Mondays

I love The Carpenters, but today their song is a little wrong.  I'm loving this day so far, it's set to get better (super busy), and if it rains, well, that just means for a relaxing bit of time!

The rain here has been keeping it a bit cooler as we (hopefully) edge our way into fall.  And I really suppose I'm looking forward to opportunities to put on my rain boots and tramp my way through puddles on an adventurous walk to a museum.  I found myself even singing "Singing in the Rain" in the shower the other day!

I've got errands to run, and coffee to drink, and music to turn way up loud and dance to.  Won't you join me in celebrating Monday?


  1. It's been cooler because of the rain. I love it! Our Monday is done And we got ourselves some French films, coffee and BBQ ribs! Happy Monday indeed!
    Btw, like your new simple background. I'm still figuring out mine as I feel the need to even simplied my blog:)

  2. I love that song but agree- I also love Mondays and rainy days! :)