Tuesday, September 20, 2011


We've really been trying to pay attention to seasonality with food.  Our pork was raised in a natural way, where it went to the butcher the old school time of year rather than all year round.  We're headed to an orchard sometime this week to pick apples, a fruit we've learned to live without when it's not fall.  September means apple pie in our house.  (and thanks to the lard, will be golden delicious!)
So last night's dinner was a nod to our love of food.  As we said our meal time prayers, we thanked God for the pig that died for our meal last week.  It's reassuring to know the sort of life it led, which led to a delicious tasting meal and a delightful conversation about food.  About how well food in the same season pairs together.
We took a couple pork chops and seasoned them simply with olive oil, salt, and pepper.  We cooked the skin, making cracklings, which unfortunately never made it to the plate.  I diced up a couple apples because we had no applesauce, and adding a bit of butter, salt, and sugar made a sort of homemade applesauce as it cooked down.  Baked potatoes, applesauce coated pork chops plated on top of the last of the apples.  It was simple.  It was wholesome.  And it was delicious.

*Oh, and for those who have asked, the pudding recipe was from The Frugal Girl and can be found HERE... though I added a touch more cocoa!

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  1. Kate, I appreciate the fact that you recognize and are thankful for the pig that gave it's life for your meal. My husband has become what he calls a "farmitarian" and will only eat meat that he himself has killed. And when he does kill an animal, he says a prayer of thanks for the sacrifice of the life. Of course, not everyone is in a position to hunt or raise farm animals, but I do think the factory farming mentality has made people forget that the animals were once alive and had feelings. Thanks for being compassionate towards the animals.