Wednesday, September 21, 2011

These Are The Days

I love days like these.  The sleeping in, the canoodling, the postwoman laughing, telling G she caught him in bed because he threw on pj pants, hopping out of the shower to run down to sign for a package.  It's grey and slow and beautiful.

We picked up a pizza for lunch and finished it off with watermelon.  Need to make more sweet tea.  Was up late last night ordering baby items, like a crib and a stroller and a car seat and doing this funny little dance where we laughed because she's feeling more real and it's so weird.  So when today I realized my appt. isn't until tomorrow (instead of today) we delightfully curled back under the covers and just lazed about.

Tomorrow may bring appointments and busy-ness... but today?  I think it's going to bring more grey and movies and coffee and listening to the sounds of a snoring cat who wasn't interested in Water for Elephants until the kissing scene and then he was and once it was over... he flopped back down and slept.  Why yes, we have an odd cat.  That about sums up our day.


  1. How perfect your day sounds. Enjoy it to the fullest.

  2. K, I envy you.