Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shake It

So I'm dancing around the living room, shaking it and giggling (because lemme tell ya, a big pregnant belly dancing shaking? it. is. funny.), and G looks at me and says, "How much have you had to drink?"  Which only causes me to laugh more hysterically because while he was drinking scotch I had an iced tea and I'm down a cup to his 2 of coffee.  I say, "Only 1 cup of coffee, which is sad." He responds that I clearly need more because this is hilarious.

And on a more annoying note, we ordered a Jenny Lind style crib from Amazon that wasn't supposed to be here for another month or three and we're all, "That's awesome because the nursery looks like a storage room with our huge Christmas tree and ornaments and books and whatnot."  Only, Amazon is tricky and notified us this week that "good news, it'll be here the first week of October." Only tonight they're like, "Even better news, it'll be here on Wednesday."  Um, where exactly we're going to put this thing is beyond me.  I guess it can join the other big baby boxes in the kitchen.  Whatever.

I'm off to put another kettle on at midnight for more coffee, because clearly from the rambling you can tell I need another cup.  (In my defense the last cup was a lot of vanilla bean whipped cream and more like a latte, without the espresso.  I'm not allowed to have espresso.  Sad day.)

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