Saturday, September 24, 2011

Beginning To Taste Like Fall

Our church mentioned last week an Octoberfest meal next month.  Which includes bratwurst...the only grilled sausage like product I eat (I have always and will always abhor hot dogs...I was an admittedly odd kid).  So this whole week I've been craving bratwurst, wanting some.  Tonight we swung into Trader Joes and grabbed some to cook and eat.  Originally the plan was to simply pan fry them and eat them with potato crisps.

But we got home and I got to thinking that grilled/sauteed onions sounded good.  Those cooked, and the brats were still cooking and I looked at our macintosh apples and thought, "One of the recipes for the pork chops was apples and onions, I bet they'd be good" so I peeled, cored, and sliced those up.  (and for the record everything was sauteed in the lard I rendered...mmm!)
We ended up plating it simply, the onions and apples forming the base and then the brats on top.  Add in some bordeaux (which went surprisingly well), and we had a simply elegant meal.  With a little laughter and romance added in.
We've been drinking hot apple cider and are making butternut squash soup soon and G really wants me to make an acorn squash for dessert.  It feels like fall is in the air!


  1. I love Fall time and making the transition from summer cooking to autumn cooking. I'd love to know your butternut squash soup recipe by the way.

    Glad to hear you are happy and healthy :)

  2. love fall and that looks so delicious :)

  3. If only this bloody rain would go away!