Saturday, October 22, 2011

Every Day I'm Snufflin'

*The title is because thanks to a cute poster with snuffleupagus on it, I have been singing that all day and dancing some weird dance.

Today has been one of those great days.  The sun was out, but it was cool and crisp.  Farmer's market for our CSA, and also picked up some local free range eggs, some grapes (similar to concord), some granny smith apples (I know, I know, more apples!), some UV light apple cider (not traditionally pasteurized), and some sage to use with pork later this week.  Then it was onto our little cafe for some cafe au lait and some Irish oatmeal with cream and brown sugar. 

I came home and immediately began work in the kitchen.  I began bread dough, and while it was rising I started other things. 9 more lbs of apples have been turned into 3 pints and 6 half pints of apple butter.  I made pumpkin muffins and pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Both super yummy.  I reheated the pork chop and potatoes and sweet potatoes and beans from the other night for a light late lunch.  And then after everything was completely done (much, much later) I grabbed a ham steak, pan cooked it, and sliced it up for ham and cheese sandwiches on our fresh whole wheat bread.  Some end of season tomatoes accompanied it for a simple dinner that was insanely good (much better than I expected when I dreamed it up). 

Now I've got the kettle ready to make some coffee to go with some chocolate pudding.  G's been working all day, securing the bookshelves to the wall and building storage shelves in the basement.  It's kind of hot to watch him work. :) 

We still have donations to box up and load in the car, a nursery to completely clean out (most everything is in boxes, just was waiting for the books to be put on shelves to make room, and for shelves in the basement to set everything on) and vacuum so I can put everything up in there tonight.  I'll be organizing while G builds the crib.  Tomorrow we'll hopefully finally paint the dresser so that all her stuff can get put away nice and tidy.  I'm exhausted but wired, my mind a whirring disaster of a million little to dos I want to just do right now.  Ever have one of those days?

Oh, and my moment of pride? Even with all the cooking and baking, I've done 2 loads in the dishwasher, quite a bit by hand, and have a couple cookie sheets to wash.  Other than that I've already wiped down my stove (some proved difficult as that apple butter splattered a lot... I have the small burns to show for it!), cleaned up the floor, and now just have to sit back and relax. I'm proud of these changes!


  1. You are kind of amazing. So close to delivery and full of energy! Please post pics of your projects--I want to see those bookcases full of books!

  2. Wow, I got tired just reading that! I don't know how you pull it all off being at the end of a pregnancy and everything! You go girl :)

  3. You know, don't you, that a great rush of energy often means that birth is near. I am so excited for the two of you.