Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sonograms and Soap Boxes

I apologize for this week feeling like Baby Week.  Seriously, it's become a problem here in our house.  All we talk about is her, her stuff and preparing for her.  So it was bound to edge into here.  I went for a sonogram yesterday to check positioning of things and such.  Turns out we're perfectly healthy, and good to go for a birth center birth!  The only thing the doctor there seemed concerned about was her size.  I got a little irritated and I'm sure that will come out in my midwife appointment tomorrow.

I knew she'd be a bigger baby.  I was over 9 lbs at birth, G was 8 lbs. 8 oz... we weren't expecting a small baby! (despite my coffee drinking, it has clearly not stunted her growth!)  And I've thought from the very beginning that the due date was off more than a bit, and though my original OB conceded a little on that (since even in the very beginning she was measuring a week further along than they were guessing), she wouldn't really listen to my concerns.  Hence me switching to my midwifery practice.

So though I know that the estimated weight can be off by 2 lbs, I got a little irritated because they want to see me back in 4 weeks for another ultrasound to check her weight again.  I just smiled, said okay, and then walked out of there annoyed.  The truth is, short of her being so big that they literally have to transfer me to a hospital for a c-section, I'm unwilling to even consider scheduling one for her size.  Too often those babies come out at a size that was perfectly deliverable.  If she's 8-9 lbs, even close to 10, I'm really not concerned about my body's ability to deal.  And the good thing is, that from interviewing my midwifery before, I don't think they'll disagree.  Your body has a remarkable tendency to not give you a baby too big to handle (I would be more concerned if I didn't have wider hips, and if G and I weren't about the same size height and bone structure wise).

Anyway, off my soap box.  We're thrilled she's coming soon (possible sooner than we expected).  We've got nearly everything we need for her right now, just a few things still to pick up.  The nursery may be getting decorated after she gets here if she arrives too early, but she'll have a place to sleep, food to eat, and diapers and clothes to wear which really is all a newborn needs.  Even a slightly larger one!  Now I just need to stock up on bows and such because turns out she already has quite a bit of hair!


  1. I was terrified when I was pregnant because I was a 10 lb baby (holy cow!). I ended up with two 8ish pound babies. (one was 7.15, one was 8.1... so 8ish).

    I always wondered though why doctors are so C-section happy. It shouldn't be something you schedule as a first response. While I know it makes life easier on them, it just seems weird to me (baring any actual known issues of course).

    It's probably because it's seen as less risk for things to go wrong which means less chance of being sued.

    Anywho, I can't wait to see photos of your sweet little girl! You must be about ready to pop now!

  2. I delivered a 10 pound 10 ounce baby and other than a long labor everything else was fine. And he was so easy to handle. A 3 month old at birth.

  3. I always wonder too why doctors these days are so quick to schedule C-sections. As you said, our bodies are amazingly adaptable, and nature doesn't make mistakes. Here's hoping you have an easy, natural birth like you wanted!

    (speaking of new babies, don't forget to put your guess in for my blog's contest giveaway :) )

  4. I don't understand the "need" for so many ultrasounds in a pregnancy. My son is 15, and I had two ultrasounds. One at six weeks, to confirm the pregnancy, and another at four months to make sure all was well and determine the sex.

    Women have been giving birth to big babies for millenia, without c-sections. Good grief.