Saturday, October 29, 2011

Letting In The Quiet

I awoke hazily this morning, aware that for some reason, I could not move too much.  (I have a sense of awareness about space even when half asleep.)  Max was curled up where my legs should have been, and he looked at me groggily as I turned to curl up more with the electric fireplace.  I noticed on facebook that our CSA farm had gotten out this morning to come to the market and promptly turned right back around as they're further north than us, and this insane winter storm has begun already.  So I got excited to tell G there would be no driving in the icy rain, we could just sleep in.

And this little girl kicks and bumps, it seems she has discovered in this last bit of time she has in her cocoon that she has feet.  Still, I appreciate that so far there have been no rib kicks.  I laugh and tell G that while I can tell her now to calm down, it won't be long before I'm reaching over to hit that vibrate button on the pack n play to help soothe her, or sitting up to just cradle her and her new baby smell.  Time flies, and I can only imagine how I will feel 5 years from now, back reading these posts.

So today is a day in, as the rain/sleet falls.  We were supposed to get 2-4 inches of snow, but the storm has moved off a bit, and it seems it'll miss us mainly.  I haven't told G...he'll be disappointed.  And best not to get him sad when he's making breakfast!

Applesauce, bread, quiche, and apple pie...all on my list to make today.  Along with maybe painting a table and figuring out the basement.  But for now, I relax in bed as G makes coffee and eggs with toast and we prepare to play scrabble and just be for a bit.

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