Sunday, October 30, 2011

Disaster Strikes

So yesterday started out beautiful and quickly went downhill as the stress of the looming deadline (Miss E) got to both of us.  We had a little discussion, then ate lunch, picked up some necessities at Target.  And the end of the night we were arguing for the first time since G got home and it sucked.  Royally.  Miss Kate (yes I occasionally speak in the third person) desperately needed a nap, and at a little before 8 p.m. passed out. 

Meanwhile her wonderful husband moved the dresser that was going to be in the office closet into the nursery and set it up on the drop cloth to be painted.  That thing is heavy, so I'm sort of amazed he managed to do it all alone, but it was his olive branch and I took it.  Which made the next part easier to deal with...

So I opened the dryer after having thrown some clothing in there to fluff up.  We're working on the inside of our closet (spraying for spiders and whatnot before the cold sets in), and I had throughout the day been emptying it into the dryer to kind of freshen everything up.  Well, apparently somewhere mixed into everything (we think possibly in the socks and underwear drawers though how we have no idea) was a tin of shoe polish.  The waxy kind.  And suddenly as we pulled items out of the dryer we realized that we were royally screwed.  G's blue uniform he's supposed to wear on Mondays was covered in black spots.  My gold silk lingerie?  Oh yeah, spotted.  The only lighter thing that didn't seem to get a single thing was my J Brand jeans, for which I practically kneeled down in thanks. 

So off we headed to Wal-Mart to try and get some stain solutions.  We tried something. No dice.  I've contacted a dry cleaner (because of course none are really open on Sunday), and hopefully we'll get his shirt in to be looked at this week (he has next week off, so thank goodness for that).  I'm also ordering the same dry cleaning fluid my mom has always used as a miracle worker, and hopefully that works on the silk.  If not, I'll thank my lucky stars we have the money to replace his uniform and that there were a lot of things like tea towels etc that we don't care about mixed in (and the tea towels seemed to have caught the worst of it all). 

So yes, my night was a little bit horrific.  G and I are now joking that it must have been angry house elves.  I'm thinking it's the bad karma from arguing over stupid things.  Lesson learned.  It's easier if we just take a breather rather than pushing ourselves to the point of irritation.  That's when you miss things like a can of shoe polish!

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