Monday, October 31, 2011

Seeing The Hidden Blessings

I think sometimes it's best to step back and count your blessings.  I'm a fairly positive person, and I did surprisingly handle the shoe polish catastrophe without freaking out.  I simply had an early moment of "Please leave me alone while I figure this out" and then I moved on into attack mode. 

So this morning I'm thinking about the dry cleaners and getting back to them and suddenly hits me that this is actually a huge blessing in disguise.  For those who are married or in long term relationships, you may recognize this in your own man, but G generally doesn't ask for much for himself.  I think this is part stereotypical men-obliviousness--- such as not seeming to notice when his socks are getting threadbare, and part not putting his needs high on the list--- such as his blues uniform. 

G has had this uniform pretty much his whole military career.  And well, he's not even the same size as he was then!  His waist now is between a 30 or 31, several inches smaller than when we got married (and that was smaller than when he got the uniform...he's been belting it tightly).  His pants were originally hemmed by someone who clearly knew how to sew less than I do (and I've never hemmed anything so far), as his pants have always been a bit high.  So loose and high.  Lovely.  But G was always the type to say something along the lines of "I only wear them one day a week, it's stupid to replace them."  Have I mentioned that waist line means his shirt was not well fitted either? (Though admittedly not enough that anyone would notice that.)

My husband has an excellent slim figure, with the upside down triangle.  He's been working on toning up and building a bit of muscle, but overall he has what we call the stereotypical "Brit" figure.  He looks best in slim fitting pants and suits.  So I texted him while he was on his way to work this morning and told him screw getting the stains out, I would work on his zip up jacket once the cleaning fluid arrives (not sure if it has damage as it's dark navy, but it's the one thing that fits fine), but that we were buying him a new uniform.

You could tell he was happy and that he thought it was a great idea.  It's not a decision he would have ever suggested, but it's one he deserves for me to make.  So really, what was a catastrophe is really just a nudge to maybe "treat" him to something he'd never ask for but needs. 

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  1. You will learn as you get older that men do not change - you will always need to be after them to look a bit smarter. And when you are married to a thin man (mine has a classic British figure, too), it is imperative that you not let them out of the house in baggy clothes. The thin silhouette does not do baggy well!

    On my calendar is a quarterly reminder to inspect my husband's sock drawer and other items and purge the hole-ridden things.