Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Month of Thankfulness

My friend Anna was posting a thing about 30 days of thankfulness on facebook.  And since she too was a day late I'm giving myself permission to jump on board a day late too, so I'll start out with that.  Yesterday would have been Day 1, and I think I would say that I am absolutely thankful for a husband who is the best man I know.  He loves with his whole heart, he cracks me up to the point I can't breathe (maybe not a good thing right now), he dances in the kitchen with me, remembers to pray at meals so much better than I do, finds me sexy at 9 months pregnant, and is absolutely enthralled with the movements of our daughter and wants to see and feel them all. 

My Day 2 would be that I am thankful that during the sonogram yesterday they decided that yes, a month ago she must have hit a growth spurt because this month she's right on track (coming in at an estimated 6 lbs. 13 oz.).  Which means that with her arrival looming at "any day in the next few weeks" category chances are we're looking at her being under 9 lbs...hallelujah!  I was willing to do what I had to, but 8 lbs. sounds easier than 9-10. 

We had snowfall this weekend, nothing really accumulated (though it came down insanely), but it seems it was Mother Nature's way of "gently" reminding the trees that they needed to do their part and change the colors of their leaves to a more seasonal look!  My doctor's appointments yesterday were all in Annapolis, and the drive there was stunning.  It honestly looked like I could have stepped back in time, the hills afire with so much color!

This autumn is turning out to be a gorgeous time of year, both by scenery and life.  I'm still keeping busy, because that's how I roll, but I'm also learning to say "I need to rest" and actually getting some.  I picked up some Tazo chai tea mix at TJMaxx yesterday and we enjoyed a cup of that with apple pie (that I made on Sunday) last night.  Usually we'd do coffee, but I wanted us to both get some sleep. 

G has next week off so that we can finish things up around here.  Yes, we're all last minute like that.  We're also planning to head out to some local parks so that G and I can get some maternity shots in.  I think we may make the park an annual place for some photos, and it's weird thinking of tramping through the leaves next year with a one year old.  Weird in a delightful way though. 

And today I'm hoping to attend my knitting group (haven't been in um, 2 months), finish making applesauce, and maybe get our rug laid down in the living room (it came this summer and has been waiting to have furniture moved and a the rug pad arrived today!).  So much to do, but I'm lucky I have an awesome man here to help me do it all.  I feel incredibly loved and blessed.

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