Thursday, November 3, 2011

Too Early For Christmas?

*Today is Day 3 and I am thankful for a knitting group that is not just about knitting. We discuss sewing, canning, food (we all seem to love food), books, goings on about Charm City, etc.  Every time I make it I'm reminded why I feel at home there.*

Last night I went a little giddy as I continue to get excited for Christmas.  The store had eggnog and rosemary trees and we drove home having very serious (in a child-like sort of way) discussions about how we want to make sure to give our daughter magical, old-fashioned sorts of Christmases.  G later tells me he used to think those sorts weren't really possible until he married me.  What he is kindly saying is I go a little nuts and insist on old-fashioned over-the-top sorts of things.  Such as I have been determined all year that this year I will make a damn figgy pudding...or pudding of some sort...around Thanksgiving and then soak it in alcohol (probably brandy) for a month until Christmas.

We're skipping Thanksgiving this year, not because we're not incredibly thankful for this life, but because it's that exact life which will have us insanely busy and we decided stressing over a dinner was not worth it.  Because of that we've actually been working on Christmas things since G's vacation in September.  I've been buying up ornaments and candles (this year I'm on top of the advent candles finally!), planning recipes.  Last night at knitting we were actually discussing Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses (one of the women in my group owns our favorite cafe and is thinking of doing a gingerbread Notre Dame I kid you not!).  And G has been itching to put the tree up, so I think that's what we'll be doing sometime next week.

I want Little Miss to grow up with strong traditions.  Buying (or hunting down on our future property) greens to make into wreaths, swathing the house, and decking the halls.  Hanging kissing balls and mistletoe.  Putting candles in every window.  Going caroling and on sleigh rides.  Hot cocoa, mulled wine, egg nog.  A huge old fashioned dinner and breakfast the next morning. Friends and family gathered around the fire.  Love, midnight mass, nativities.  Baking cookies and candies in a flour covered kitchen.

We're not really into the gifts. Not that she won't have any. Rather, she'll have some amazing ones I am sure (eventually things like a play kitchen, a dollhouse, etc), but that it won't be the focus. The stockings will be filled with candies and small items (such as an orange).  But I want the memories to be about the activities, the festivities of the season.

I grew up in a family big on spending time with family.  Decorating the tree all together. Driving through lights while singing Christmas Carols. Reading "The Night Before Christmas."  I want those sorts of things to continue and that takes planning.  So we're planning ahead.  Not just for this year, but for all the years to follow.  After all, it is "The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year." 

Have you started planning for Christmas (or another winter holiday)?


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas season you have planned. And, no, I haven't given a single thought to the holidays until reading your post...I guess it's time to start thinking about it :)

  2. I LOVE Christmas. As I still head back to my parents for Christmas, if I put the tree up in early December I alwasys think it's not up for very long before I go home! So now I follow a 'retail Christmas' and put up my tree now - on the first weekend in November. I love decorating my house, and am slowly accumulating more decorations as the years go by - as I want each one to be perfect, not just what I bought because it 'would do'. It makes Christmas shopping so fun! Last year I found the perfect wreath for my door. This year I want to get a Morovian Star, and find little glass ornaments, that will be the perfect size for the greenery I want to drap around my home (I bought this last year - but it is sooo long. IThis year have to work out whether/how too cut it, or double drape it, or what!)

    I also have made patchwork Santa Sacks for my nieces and nephews, and am doing cross stitch stockings for the adults (4 down....4 to go!) But these are jobs that take years, and I don't mind. I love stitching away over November and December, and thinking of all the things to do for Christmas! (I immediately stop doing them in January....I lose the motivation and can't pick them up until the following year!)

    Oh! And the (Australian) shop Kikki K has this fantastic book each year called "Christmas Notes' or similar. It has tags for all the things you need to plan at Christmas - food, gifts, christmas cards etc. I bought one last year, and it was so helpful. I have another one this year and I love putting all my notes and ideas in one place....instead of on numerous lists, or in my head as I try and remember all I have to do!

    Anyway - I LOVE seeing posts like this about getting ready for Christmas. I love the time of year, and I love people who enjoy it for what it is - the real reason behind it, and all the lovely traditions that go with it. To me - both can go together, and it is such a happy time of year!

    (I'm back!)

  3. Pretty post! And it all sounds lovely!