Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fun

Day 4 of Thankfulness.  I'm thankful for a marriage that is filled with laughter.  Yesterday was spent folded over gasping for air, with threats that if we didn't quit building off of each other I was going to end up in labor.  Today was spent laughing at life over coffee.  Laughter is a true blessing in a world of crazy.

I have a funny post about terrifying G and cutting his hair last night.  But it's a wee bit long, and I need to take pics so you can see my masterpiece! (It was my first time cutting his hair and I was using beard a body trimmers...yeah.)

Today has been interesting.  G and I headed out for coffee once he got home, enjoying some of the last good days as it gets freezing.  Rum balls with chai and cafe au lait made for a lovely afternoon.  Then it was off to pick up chalkboard paint for a project I'm working on (for Little Miss's announcement once she arrives), and then dinner at our favorite Mexican hole in the wall.  Tried their cured flank steak taco and it was so good, I emptied the meat out, ate the corn tortilla with salsa and then savored each bite of steak.  And we finally ended up at Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn for some Christmas shopping.

Plenty of other ornaments we have our eye on, but we need to figure out what we need first (silver and gold ration, speaking).  We did pick up a glass church that is silver and gold from JoAnn's though!

I'm excited to spend some time in front of the glowing tree, with LM curled up on G, getting my craft on for ornaments this year.  Three words: gold glitter balls.  Oh yes.  Tonight we're resting a bit, sipping on chai before the crazy weekend starts.  Hope everyone had a lovely end of the week!


  1. Love the white owl ornament!

    Enjoy the Christmas season!

  2. i think ive been spending too much time with the guys at the shop because i laughed like crazy at the gold glitter balls...

    anyway... the owls are very beautiful! Looking forward to more pics of your traditional christmas adventures.