Sunday, October 9, 2011

A is for Apple

We went to the orchard yesterday. Picked up a small pumpkin (for a photo prop), over 60 lbs. of apples (4 different varieties), some horseradish mustard and a large mum for the front of our home.  We walked away for under $40.  For real.
Now we're home and working.  G is attacking the jungle of weeds in our backyard... hacking, then weedeating and then we'll be spraying weed killer like our lives depend on it.  I'm in picking up the living room which has been completely taken over by baby things.  We're hoping to have that remedied completely by Tuesday.  
While cleaning I have discovered that so far in the last week I've spent a pretty penny on candles that I hoard.  They're by Michel Design Works, they're a soy wax, and my favorite scent comes out this time of year.  Spiced Pumpkin.  And this year we found a new favorite: Toffee Almond, which is a delightful, coffee sort of scent and we plan to use it in our bedroom as the scent du jour (until I splurge on some beeswax pillars).  A single candle can make a whole room smell like heaven. They also make room sprays which smell delicious as well.  I literally buy every candle in the scents I like any time I see them...which while a bit insane keeps me happy every year.  My name is Kate and I'm a candle hoarder.
I've also begun shopping for Christmas items, such as ornaments and other decorations.  We know that as brand spanking new parents we're going to be exhausted this year, so I've gotten a head start. Purchased stockings (finally!), and I will be making beaded wire initials to mark them.  I also ordered a mercury glass style Big Ben ornament from Pottery Barn.  Some people are complaining that Christmas items are already out, but for myself, this year, I'm thrilled.  We have electric candles for the windows to procure, more ornaments to purchase for our insanely large tree (for those who are new, after we put it up on New Year's Eve last year we both sat in awe.  I said, "Um, it's a little big."  G responded like a little boy who finally saw Santa "Yeah, isn't it awesome?"). 
So, I'm getting a head start on all those things we need to buy/make/do.  Christmas cards will be filled out sometime in November, ready to be mailed the beginning of December.  The tree is apparently going up fairly early in November so we don't have to do it with a newborn.  And hopefully I'll figure out either how to make or where to buy an extra large tree skirt for this thing. 
Somehow this post went from picking apples to Christmas.  I left out Thanksgiving only because I highly doubt we'll be celebrating this year as we'll either have a newborn, be having a newborn, or be waiting on a newborn.  Which is sad because I do love turkey!  Hope everyone is having a delightful weekend!

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  1. Candle Hoarder Kate, may I join you? Upon packing up the candle cupboard to move (yes, I have a whole cupboard for candles) I found that I have many, many more than I realised. I actually shocked myself and was glad there was no-one else around to see the sheer volume of prettily scented wax.

    Fiona, Candle Hoarder