Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank You Mister Columbus

A 3 day weekend!  Woohoo!  G and I will be working ourselves to death this weekend organizing, re-arranging, and hopefully getting the backyard ready for some landscaping (please, God, let it be a sunny weekend).  However, we're also taking time to go to an orchard for some apples (okay, probably a lot of apples since last year we had 26 pounds).  I'm going to be attempting to make applesauce and apple butter this year.  Last year's apple butter was good, but I want to make sure I preserve it perfectly this year for G.  And there are a few other apple things, such as dried apple rings, I'm hoping to make.

We're also using a Groupon and going out for Indian for dinner.  We have so much to be thankful for, and a relaxing meal where I don't have to cook, will just be another.  Don't you just love when you find Groupons (or such) for places you already frequent?

I'm hoping we're able to really get a lot done.  I'm currently measuring 2 weeks further in belly size than I'm supposed to be, and since I've always figured I'm a week further than they think, we're treating the end of October as our deadline for getting the majority of things done.  Of course we've already had problems pop up (like the shower leaking through the ceiling...oy vey), so it sometimes seems a bit overwhelming, but I'm staying calm and rocking on.

The time apart changed me, for the good.  My temper is pretty much non-existent.  For me, I've found getting mad and letting it steamroll just isn't worth a bad night.  When G does something that makes me upset, I have a tendency to walk off and in 2 minutes I'm fine.  Cleaning used to be the biggest instigator, now we are happy just to be together.  Sure, it's insanely overwhelming, but we're in it together and preparing for our daughter.  And that makes this life just that much sweeter.

Hope you all have a lovely Columbus Day weekend here in the U.S. or a just a pretty weekend altogether elsewhere!

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  1. Saw you mentioned on Twitter and just popped over. Glad things are going well. I love when the temper disappears. Good luck with baby girl. :)