Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Like A Bird

Well, the nesting instinct has increased, which has been awesome!  I was afraid we wouldn't get much done last night because we were both dead tired, so came home after work and took a 2 hours nap.  But we got our rears moving after dinner and I worked on cleaning up our "master" bath which hadn't been used too much (since G left) until recently.  I need to finish that today. I'll be scrubbing the shower tiles with a brush because no matter what people here say, we do indeed have hard water (it likes to leaves orange deposits on the shower head and any place water collects...blech). 

Overhauling the entire house should be exhausting but I generally find it invigorating.  I do get overwhelmed, and that's usually when we call it a night.  But overall, I'm loving seeing a place for everything and us really set up a routine.  I have kept up with all the dishes since G got home.  What has to soak overnight (like our chili pot last night) I take care of right after G leaves in the a.m.  G handles the trash and recycling the night before rather than rushing the next morning.  And he even has a weekly routine for cleaning toilets (something that has been an argument for our entire marriage!).  Now I'll just be glad when the basement is finished and our pantry shelves are up, because the kitchen is cluttered with overflow (the jars of canned apple butter, cans of tomatoes and beans, etc).  I'm also excited because our cabinets will have very little food in them upstairs.  The cabinet that used to hold our canned goods and pasta and such (above the stove) will now hold our glass pyrex containers, making them easier to access.  Our cabinet that used to hold our rarely used items (like the blender) will now hold a small bin for recycle.  Before we were using brown paper sacks from the grocery store, but it quickly can become cluttered because we have a larger recycle output than we do trash!

The nesting also came into play last night as I was doing more baby laundry.  As I handed G the Aden and Anais swaddle blankets to wash he just looked down and got all glistening eyed and said, "So soon she'll be wrapped in these."  He's pretty emotional lately as he is so, so excited for her to get here.  We even practiced using pre-fold diapers with covers last night (on our dependable "lambie" which for years has been our practice baby if I was trying to show him anything).  I've heard so many mamas say their husbands don't want to do that sort of cloth diapering, but G is eager to learn how to do it all! 

Today will be working to get the pantry shelves up downstairs, and running back to IKEA for more bookcases.  Then it will be putting all of the books onto the shelves quickly to make some space to work.  Over a dozen boxes of books, and I had to tell G that no, it will not take hours because we are not categorizing or alphabetizing right now, we are shoving onto shelves now, and he can take free time later to organize them.  I'm so excited to be able to take pics of the wall of bookcases because no one believes me when I say we have that many books.

Finally, I still have more apples than any one person should have, and really, really need to make some applesauce.  I sometimes feel like it's a waste of our time to do those sorts of things, but the other option is to waste 40+ lbs of apples, which I am wholly unwilling to do.  So in between all the "fun" cleaning I also need to make applesauce and can it.  So much to do, so much I want to do, but I have to remind myself that things like the nursery are less important (because she's not sleeping in there for the first few months), whereas getting the house organized and our bedroom overhauled is.  Trying to keep priorities straight!

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