Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Last Minute Whirlwind

I'm a mushy mess lately.  G and I are both so eager to meet this little girl of ours it makes my head spin.  At the same time, trying to finish up organizing bits of the house before she gets here and we still need to get the tree up.

I'm getting ready to completely clean the kitchen so that all the counters are free to work because it's important for me to cook something for dinner (rather than deciding on something quick). We've been eating out a bit this last week as well as just picking up things to assemble.  My plans for stocking the freezer have been derailed by exhaustion (and an inability to find burrito sized thin tortillas).  But I'm hoping to at least make a quiche tonight. 

We bought the nightstands and picked them up on Sunday (got detained at base waiting on his uniform on Saturday).  Good thing too, as a woman whose home is on a home tour here in Charm City was eyeing them and wanted them but the owner had put them on hold for us!  I'll have to snap a photo once they're in our bedroom (currently they're in hiding behind the couch while we rearrange things).  But they are a gold metal with a mirrored top and a glass shelf and I think they will look amazing once everything is done. 

I have gotten one project done, an old picture that I took the board out of and replaced with one I had painted with chalkboard paint.  It's going to be used once she's here and I'm super excited to see how it all looks!  Her nursery won't be finished anytime too soon, but should be done hopefully before January gets here.  The upholsterer can get our rocking chair done in no time, but unfortunately it's us finding the time to get the chair to him (they close too early for us on the weekdays).  And the crib mattress should arrive tomorrow.  Then I just have to finally make a decision about bedding.

Having this little girl has made me really rethink a lot of things in our life.  It's made us have to be more accountable for living the life we espouse.  Focusing on the important things, cleaning out the clutter (both literally and figuratively), and shaping a life that we love.


  1. You sure have a lot of energy, girl! I am not having a baby, but I too feel like cleaning out the clutter in my life and in my house....all that "stuff" gets real old after a while.

    xoxo, A

  2. Im curious as to the bedding choices you are thinking about. Ultimately it is YOUR decision, but would you accept friendly insight if you showed us??

  3. Gosh, you are so busy! I'm very impressed. You must have a hormonal rush of energy that could be bottled and sold! (I didn't sleep well last night, so I'm jealous of others' energy levels)