Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mrs. Ada 'Arris

Let me introduce my new cleaning lady.  She's pretty fantastic.
She dreams of Paris too.
On freecycle earlier in the summer was an ad for a vintage Hoover vacuum.  Apparently her previous employer had an aged dog and due to that fact was getting rid of all her carpeting in her home and no longer needed Mrs. 'Arris' services.  She mentioned that she wasn't the brightest (her light didn't work on the front), but that otherwise she was a hard worker.  I went to interview her and took her home.  Before G returned I told him I was taking her to a training place (a.k.a. the most amazing vacuum repair place in town...they handle vintage beauties).

But since most of our home is hardwood I had yet to really test her skills.  She sat quietly and politely by our front door, waiting to be called into action.  Tonight I used her on small rugs and then on the hardwoods and she excelled at both.  I'm very well pleased with this new servant.

The best part? The work I had done on her was fairly simple.  I didn't have them fix the light (though I may later).  She simply got a tune up, cleaning and a replacement on the brush I believe and was out of there costing me less than $50.  She may not be the fanciest, what with her worn tan color and tiny tear in the part that holds the bag, but she seems capable of sucking tufts of Sophie's fur from a couple inches away.  I've decided that nothing sucks like a Hoover (though she's a lady all the way)!

*her name comes from a movie with Angela Lansbury about a cleaning woman who dreams of (and reaches that dream) of going to Paris to buy a Dior dress.

Day 9 of Thankfulness I was thankful for a beautiful day on beautiful grounds to spend time with the husband taking photos.  On Day 10 I'm thankful for an old vacuum that made my life easier!


  1. What a lovely lady Mrs Arris is!! I hope she works well for you. A first glance at the photo and I thought she was pink!

    I actually like the name you have given her, and if you don't mind I think I might give the same name to my own cleaning lady (aka vacuum).


  2. Jacqui, I think there needs to be more Mrs. Arrises in the world!

  3. "Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris" was originally a book by Paul Gallico, the author of the amazing "Thomasina"; he wrote more Mrs. 'Arris books as well. If you liked the movie, you'll love the books!