Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Twinkle Twinkle

Day 8.  I'm thankful for so many things today, it's hard to choose!  Max came home from "camp" and seems just fine.  I figured he'd be resentful and be pissy, but in fact he seems quite delighted to sit on our laps and be petted and loved on.  So I'm thankful for a cat who today decided to be a lover not a fighter.

Practice contractions started today.  It was almost...reassuring.  It's a type of pain I can handle.  So now we really feel like she could be here any day.  Exciting and overwhelming. 

Using the last of our groupons for this restaurant we went to Indian for dinner.  I love going, probably because the waiters and manager all adore me and like to bring me treats like mango lassis and extra desserts.  They're super nice, and interesting once you get them talking.  I think they're going on the cookies list this year.

Tonight we're finishing cleaning and organizing the living room so that later this week we can put the tree up.  It's an ordeal we'd rather have out of the way before she arrives.  Last year it cut our arms up pretty badly, so this year will involve long sleeves and gloves.  I'm hoping to take a mini road trip after she is here to a place to get fresh boughs of greenery and maybe a wreath.  Yesterday we stopped into a thrift store and found 2 tiny star like candle holders that matched 2 I had gotten from my grandmama's home (which was an odd moment), so we now have 4 beautiful crystal taper holders for our advent wreath.  Now we just need a wreath! 

It's beautiful and crisp here and we're hoping to go take some photos at one of the John Hopkins campus estate homes.  If any turn out well I'll share!  For now I'm off to get a mug of coffee and start playing some Christmas music as we make the house twinkle!


  1. I'm vicariously enjoying your preparation on Christmas. As I don't know when we can move back in our condo. Also, super excited that your LM will be here soon. I have another month and a half!

    I think it's an Asian thing to give extra portions to pregnant ladies. A lot of times, I have to say, that's enough food because, really I can't eat it all, lol! Bless their hearts though:) Enjoy your time before the baby comes!!

  2. It all sounds so wonderful and I'm wishing you all the best in the months to come with Christmas and a new baby! And like Ping said, I'm living Christmas preparation vicariously through you!

    (and I LOVE Indian food and now I want some lol)