Friday, December 9, 2011

Bubbly Friday

I welcome the return of bubbly Friday.  We grabbed a bottle of Moet, and I poured gently 2 glasses so that it didn't fizz up and lose my bubbles.  I just fed Nora and I feel like a little sparkle to celebrate a whole 6 days of no hospital, no insanity. 

This week has been amazing.  Monday was the insanity (mainly good) of her newborn portraits. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mainly in bed.  Yesterday we went out for Greek food for lunch and I finally was able to eat feta! Then onto my 2 week midwife appointment where I discovered that I've lost 33 lbs since my appt. the week before I had Nora (which was the last time I had weighed myself).  Basically I've lost nearly all the baby weight already, and can soon get to start on making sure to gradually (while still being healthy and taking care of us two) lose the weight I had wanted to lose during G's deployment. 

And today we had our 2 week pediatrician appt where she didn't have to have blood drawn for the jaundice because she's finally looking much less yellow.  Then we went to a natural food store in order to pick up vitamin D drops for her (something recommended for babies who are completely breastfed), and we stumbled across sugar plums.  They are delicious!  Finally the evening was rounded out by dinner at an Irish pub and then meeting up with a friend for coffee (of which Nora slept through almost the entire thing).

Bubbly Friday signifies the return to normalcy for me.  Life is different.  I feel I have so much to celebrate, and there is nothing better than raising a glass of champagne and saying a few words of gratitude for this life I'm living. 


  1. I love having little routine things with my husband, and champagne Friday sounds like a great one!

    Glad to hear the bébé is feeling better. I'm sure you look amazing (new mommy glow and all the baby weight off...way to go girl!)

    Enjoy the holidays with your gift :)

  2. Bubbly Friday! How fantastic!

    Reminds me of my old Margarita Fridays a few years ago. I love the idea of a small decadent routine. I've been toying with an idea of my twist on an Italian-style Sunday afternoon dinner...

  3. Congrats on losing all that baby weight! And cheers to lots of more feta and bubbly! :-)

  4. I poured myself a glass of bubbly Pellegrino on Friday. Even though I'd rather it be champagne or proseco, it's always important to have bubbly on Friday! And I'm so happy to hear that mama's life is just as positive and celebratory as baby's!