Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Things I Love Tuesday

* Chicken noodle soup, of which I am making a super huge amount so we have some in the freezer (sans the noodles, since I make them homemade and they're best fresh). 

* Banana bread with hot coffee in front of the fireplace... a.k.a. how I plan to spend my evening.

* My daughter's squeals...her newest noise that she does randomly and for seemingly no reason.

* My husband kissing her little lips and watching her face get all big eyed and smiley.  She loves kisses and will turn towards you to get more.

* The glasses of Beaujolais I have been enjoying, along with cured meats and a nice cheese. 

* That today we did nothing but lie in bed watching t.v. and cuddling as a family. 

* Feeling strong, both in body and attitude.  I love this body of mine.  I'm fascinated by how quickly it seems to be recovering, how good I feel.  I also love how I just feel awesome about life.  Happiness and feeling no need to be anything or anywhere but who and where I am. 


  1. I just can't wait to be cooking noodle soup again!
    Awwww...Nora has the greatest parents who just loves everything about her:)
    Happy to hear that you love your body. Hope I can feel the same way after my delivery.

    Thank you for stopping by and makes me happy:) Yes, our girls can be pen pals later on.

  2. That all sounds like heaven!