Sunday, December 18, 2011

Moments of Luxury

Today was a beautiful day.  Slept in a bit (after not getting to sleep until 4:30), snuggled with Nora while G hit up the market for 3 dozen of the most orange-yolked eggs you can imagine (more on why so many later this week), and then got dressed and headed out for errands.

We hit up Nordstrom Cafe because I love their French dip and it would be the first time since before the pregnancy I could enjoy it's redness without having to have them cook it through.  N slept the whole time of course.  Then coffee at the Starbucks next to Whole Foods, which yes, it's Starbucks, but it's in an old mill building and is wonderful for relaxing. 
But my day got me to thinking about luxuries.  Little ones, big ones, it doesn't matter.  I hit up the La Mer counter at Nordstrom to pick up a sample of their serum to try.  It got me to discussing with G how I could care less how much the cream cost, it's a godsend to my skin.  He agreed wholeheartedly (which is why I love him) as he saw how dry my skin used to get when I tried everything under the sun.  Yes, it's pricey, but it is worth it's weight in gold to me.

We also saw some Voluspa candles and bought a black glass one in the scent black figue and chypre.  It's a sexy scent, and the black glass holder can be reused later.  We're saving it for later this winter when our bedroom is finished with new carpet and furniture as a special thing.  It was a little luxury, and one we'll enjoy (I've already admitted to being a candle hoarder!).

Via Spiga pumps

Via Spiga pumps   (see more via spiga shoes)

But luxuries aren't just things you buy.  Tonight I settled in with a glass (and then another) of bordeaux.  It was an $8 bottle that we've spread out over 3 nights so far (with some still left), but a perfect relaxer.  I also realized my feet were freezing and therefor not swollen at all and it would be the perfect time to try on my Via Spiga shoes I had purchased before I realized I was pregnant...the ones that last month I couldn't get on.  I was worried as I've never worn them and I love their sexiness.  Thank God, this time they fit and were super comfortable, so will get to stick around for a date night in the future. 

I think we need luxuries, both material and non.  It's the coffee break we make time for with a friend.  The pretty nail polish that makes us smile.  Even a flower you pick from your garden.  It's the things that make life better.  And a good life is a luxury indeed. 

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  1. Love the recent style posts! And I believe Coco Chanel defined luxury the way you do! Doing something that makes you you is luxurious, even if it is simple. She was very independent-minded, did what she wanted and was so stylish.