Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tip And Tale

Oh Hello!

Isn't her smooshy face the cutest?  One of her nicknames is Smooshy, because she's got these cheeks and turkey neck and she has a tendency when lying on us to get all squished.  It's adorable.
So, tip.  I am attempting to eat more yogurt, and while we normally do Greek yogurt, I wanted something smoother for this.  So I grabbed some organic whole milk yogurt (I normally grab cream top, which is even richer, but the store didn't have it).  But I didn't want plain yogurt.  So I poured a bowl of frozen strawberries, left them in the fridge overnight and the next day used my immersion blender to blend them into the yogurt.  It tasted great that night, but even better the next day.  No added sugar, just frozen strawberries and it tastes so good that it's like a decadent treat.  My recommendation is to do at least 2 cups strawberries for each container (I did more than that I think).

Also, made 4 popsicles with it...yum!

Now for a funny tale.  Max the cat is a wee bit jealous of the baby.  This is because Max is an attention whore, and will throw himself (literally) at you to be petted, and he likes to be picked up and cuddled like a baby.  So, G's arms full of Nora just pisses him off.  However, I think he's warming up to her, or rather the perks.  I caught him in her newborn napper yesterday, and not even turning the vibrating action on made him move.
The look on his face says it all.  He has since attempted repeats of this, but fears the mighty squirt bottle. 

And soon after this is how we spent the rest of the early afternoon:

Nora lies like this for feedings.  Max jumped up and pushed his rear up against hers.  As this is how he snuggles in with the puppies I'm beginning to think he sees her as another puppy.  He didn't budge, even as I moved about to get photos.

So, any tips or funny tales?  I could use them (I'm a wee bit sleep deprived but forcing myself to stay up so I'll sleep tonight!).


  1. I have a few small funnies about your niece. We went shopping for new christmas ornaments and adam was looking (and touching) just about everything. Lil bit got all upset and screams at adam "NO TOUCH!!!" and smacked his hand.

  2. Your last photo of Max snuggling up to Nora is adorable. That has to be shown for her first date. "Yes, Nora; Max started liking you when he thought you were good enough to be a dog with whom to snuggle."