Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pulling Inspiration

I'm a pinterest addict, and you can see all my boards here.  Part of my goal this year is to do the projects I've pinned and actually use the inspiration with outfits to really define my style.  I love having a place where I can visually gather things I love.

So as I headed out for lunch with friends I threw on a black cotton dress, my grey shrug with purple-ish tights and boots.  Looking in the mirror I thought, "I could try that loop with my scarf."  Threw it around, G loved it, and I realized it was a nice way to wear the scarf for a little interesting detail.


My take:
A brooch would have added a nice little sparkle, but I didn't have one easily retrieved at the time.  Next time!


  1. Love it! I wouldn't be able to figure out how to do it myself though...could you post a little video of yourself putting on the scarf like that? (or link to a site that shows me how!)

    You look really pretty in this photo btw :)

  2. I *love* how you knotted the scarf--how did you do it? Love the purple and grey together--so pretty!

  3. Very nice! Love the colour of that scarf.

  4. That is certainly some fancy scarf-tying!!