Friday, January 20, 2012


I live this life, trying to excite my senses.  It's what I love about great food, cashmere and silk, and the scent combination of my husband's cologne and the scotch on his breath.  Sensuality is not always linked to anything to do with sex, it embodies so much more.

So tonight we're putting on jazz music, we're collaborating in a rich French chocolate cake, and sipping espressos as I whip the pants off him in Scrabble.  We re-watched Midnight in Paris the other night, and now I can't get the idea of kissing him in Paris as the rain pours down.  Of walking the streets and delighting in the way the rain smells and dances on the streets.  I'll be thinking of that as we bake tonight.

What comes to your mind with the word sensual?  Any favorites?


  1. Great post! My husband and I just got back from our usual Friday night date night. We went out to a new restaurant in our neighborhood and had organic, free-range local ribs and Booker's bourbon. Very sensual to eat with one's hands! Kate, I know you're from Bmore too so if you get a chance - the Midtown BBQ & Brew just got a nice writeup in the Sun and was indeed terrific! We live a block away in Mount Vernon.

    Tomorrow we're excited for a sensual snow day and are prepared with our wood-burning fireplace, coconut flour pancakes with raspberry puree for breakfast, and homemade tomato soup, almond flour dark chocolate chip cookies, and peppermint hot chocolate for snuggling with our kitties :)

  2. This picture is just beautiful

    Sensual, IMO, has nothing to do with sex but has everything to do with being tuned into your senses - which may (and should!) involve sex and romance. I feel sensual when I'm in the bath, when I'm dabbing on pefume, when I snuggle in a bed made with freshly laundered sheets, when I dip my hands in something textured - a la Amelie.

    Being in tune with things that give you pleasure, whatever or whomever the source, is the best way to express your sensuality.

  3. K,
    Have been following your posts daily for many, many months but rarely comment. Love your posts about Nora; the Target post made me laugh out loud because I remember those days with great clarity!

    Paris, in the rain. Ahh. I wish I knew how to send you the video I took this summer, sitting at a corner cafe on Rue Cler, watching everyone run between the raindrops.

    Thanks for helping me remember that lovely day . . .