Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Opinion On Living

This year is to be a journey for me, to change the things about myself I want to change--- to learn to live well more often.  Even with the insanity of a 8 week old who has decided to attach herself like velcro to me, I'm attempting to read more, to watch more documentaries, and to get out and explore the culture in the area I live in more.  This weekend is an art museum and a string quartet. 

As G and I discuss how to live, I sum it up as this: Plan as if you'll live to 150, live as if you'll die tomorrow. 

Life is for living, and living well at that.  To spend money on things of beauty that bring you joy, to seek out experiences that earn a chapter in the book of your life, these are the things that make a life well lived.  I'm going about this year with the intention to form habits that form the life I have sought for these past few years. 

I am using my silver, and splurging on beautiful things. I'm reading books that are classics, and watching documentaries on food and history.  I'm pouring over the Smithsonian's schedule for music and art and attending lectures that interest my mind.  I'm taking a cupcake decorating class...and I've never even baked cupcakes before! And I'm choosing to not do things that don't interest me, when I used to do them out of a sense of obligation. 

What do you think constitutes a well lived life?  Are there any things you might be able to do to live better?


  1. this is lovely to read... i so need to live my life fuller and happily.. the rat race gets me down too much!

  2. I love this idea! This is the approach I take to spending my money consciously. I put away a lot in savings every month, and refuse to feel guilty about how I'm spending the rest of it. I ask myself "Is it a modest amount? Will it make me happy?" If the answer is yes, I go for it!