Saturday, January 28, 2012

Suiting Up

Tonight I got an e-mail from JoS A Bank about a suit sale, so we decided to swing into a local store to try on suits.  We walked in, unsure of where to begin, got foisted off on a young salesman, who asked us if we were looking for the sale.  We said, yes, to which he immediately replied, "The suit for that will be full price."  I was a little taken aback, but assured him that we were not concerned in the least with price.  He then took us to the least expensive, but whatever.  Turns out that they don't carry a lot in G's size (a 38) but even if they did there was no way we were going to give this guy the sale.  He was rude to us the entire time.  I went in prepared to spend whatever, and not just on suits but on sweaters, vests, hats, etc, and instead we walked out empty handed and irritated. 

Luckily we decided to hit up Nordstrom's Cafe for a simple dinner because it was getting late.  Dinner was lovely, and we thought to drop into the menswear section just to look at their suits.  A gentleman by the name of Bruce was wonderful.  We looked at suits, one was actually on sale, and he even kept waving at Nora.  In the end we have a Hugo Boss charcoal grey suit being tailored for a more slim fit, and we came home with a couple shirts and ties.  We still need to look into some new dress shoes for G, but we were pleased to finally have found him a suit.  Wish I'd gotten a pic, as he looks amazing in it!  G is a man who wears suits well.

I'm a person who requires good customer service to purchase something from a store.  I can be entirely love with an item, but if the sales associate is rude in the least, they don't get my sale.  This man was wonderful and we each got his card so we can make sure to give him future sales.  G gets a clothing allowance from the military each year, but because they stocked him up with uniforms before Iraq, and turned out he was told not to wear them in Iraq, he's good until he gets out of the military.  Because he plans to go into the same field, simply more in the private/gov. sector, we've chosen to put that money towards future "uniforms", such as suits, dress pants, shirts, ties, etc.  It allows us to invest in pieces for the future that he can also wear now for date nights.

Do you love a man in a good suit? 


  1. You can't go wrong with Allan Edmonds. U R has some more than 25 years old and still look great !


  2. I agree that bad service can ruin a shopping trip. You probably should have mentioned this to the manager of that store, they should know how much they lost because of that sales associate.

    You are smart to stock up on clothes for Gs future career. Maybe you can share a picture of him in the suit after it's been altered. Bet he does look good!

  3. My husband, who is 5'11" and wears a 36 regular, looks mighty fine in his Hugo Boss charcoal gray suit. That is an excellent line for men with a naturally slim-fit physique. Make sure you find the slim-fit shirts from Hugo Boss, too. We had Paul's shirts tailored so the sleeve hits his wrist just so.

    I wish women's clothes were made as well as men's.

  4. Gotta love a guy that pull a suit off well!
    I've always said, if I have to ever work retail again (besides owning my own boutique), I'd love to work in men's wear! There's just something about a good suit that I love!

    Men have it so easy - unless you pic a super trendy cut, a good suit never goes out of fashion, you can mix and match shirts and ties and rarely strike out, and the right suit automatically makes a man look classic, pulled together , smart and sexy - few LBDs can do that!

    After we move and cross a few more things off the Life List - I can't wait until Doug and I can go pick out his suits! We've already decided where were going for them -Halls and Jack Henry - I'll add Nordstroms. JoS A Bank will not be making the cut! ;)

  5. We did the same thing once Cody decided to leave the USAF. Bought him super lovely nice clothing and then it turns out that Boeing is way more casual than what we'd purchased.

    We had to buy another style of clothing BUT he's totally set for when they have important meetings or a convention or something. I liked him dressed up but his co-workers thought he was a total over achiever and didn't fit in with them. Altering his clothing style meant they're friendlier now. /sigh

    I hope G's new clothing goes well at his new job when he gets out. I'm excited for you to join me in civilian life.