Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Her eyes are her father's, which are his mother's so it's like being with my MIL all the time!
So, turns out, babies keep one much more preoccupied than one might like.  As soon as I set the goal to get one project a day finished, Nora turned into velcro.  As in, must be with mama all the time.  The only way I'm typing this right now is because I've got her busy staring at the ceiling fan, talking at it.  Good thing I love the Smooshy so much!  Last night, while digging through my button box, I found a necklace with a photo of me as a very young baby...G laughed and asked if I was sure it wasn't a faux vintage pic of Nora!  Yes, she's my little doppelganger. 
But I digress.  If she's sleeping, or content with G, then I'm actually able to get some things done.  It's not much, but I've been a flower making insane woman the last couple of days, making a few different types of flowers to use on headbands with Nora. 
Most have pearls in the center, but this and another have a button with a jewel.
Made a ring alternating midnight blue and teal.
I've also been working on my sewing machine skills because with a 2 month old who is over 2 feet long but thin, we're having issues getting clothes long enough that aren't too big.  So I figure it would be wise of me to learn how to sew her some clothes, as well as tailor others to her.  I've picked up fabric for a simple dress for her, and I've been practicing my sewing by making lavender sachets for our closet and dresser.  They smell delicious, and the pound of lavender sitting in my office has made the whole room smell nice. And I used my new skills to sew a headband that clips can be attached to for Lady E as well.  Next up: a baby blanket for her, as well as a pillowcase doll.
Headband with a rosette hair clip attached.
While not painted yet (it's getting done tonight), we did have the piece of wood cut to fit in our large frame to make a chalkboard for our kitchen.  It's nice and big (38 1/4 by 23 1/4 on the inside) and I can't wait to write out a menu on it.  I've been scouring pinterest for chalkboard menus, so I can copy the decorative script to make it pretty.  I can't wait to show you how it turns out! 
Felt bow clip.
It feels good to be making things, to have my hands busy.  I might be consuming way more coffee than is healthy, but at least I've got things to show for it!

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  1. LOVE them!

    Good job making it work! :)
    Nora is so sweet and pretty! :)