Monday, February 6, 2012

Setting Up Home

When G returned home from Iraq, we found a bedroom set we really liked.  But the cost was a bit higher than we had planned for, so we put it off.  In fact, put it off for over 5 months.  What can I say? I'm indecisive and have a tendency to want to make sure something is a smart decision before leaping.  (Kind of makes you wonder how I decided to ask G out and then agree to marry him just a few weeks after he came back from tech school?)
But today, the local furniture store was having a sale, and while I had been thinking of getting the set online, this deal made it work out, and I gladly will give a local place my business.  So in we went, and decided to bite the bullet and buy the bed and dresser.  It's by Kincaid, an American company that makes solid wood (no veneers) furniture.  I'm looking forward to curling up with my little family to snuggle on weekend mornings. 
While there we checked out their clearance section and found a sofa we thought would look great in our living room.  It's a beautiful dark blue-grey sofa by Better Homes and Gardens for Craftmaster.  It's good looking, but also sturdy, and the fabric is going to make it easy to make sure Nora doesn't spill something on it and ruin it.  It turned out to be under $600, even after tax, so a great cost for a sofa for us at this point.  It will be delivered the same time as the bedroom set (we're waiting on the bed).  Usually they wouldn't hold it for us, but because we were purchasing other things the manager made an exception. 
 We also shot down to Virginia yesterday to look at the Savvy Rest latex mattresses.  Figured out which combination of firmness will work for us, and we're ordering it soon.  They're running a special this month with up to $500 free of items to go with, so we'll end up with a washable wool mattress pad (helps keep it clean, great for parents whose child is in a drool phase) and 2 shredded rubber pillows in our choice of size (they are AMAZING---super comfortable!). 

All that is left really is to get rid of our current living room sofas, figure out new carpet for our bedroom and put it all together.  We already have our antique/vintage nightstands, we've had the bedding for ages, and my beeswax candles just arrived on Friday (more on that later).  I'm excited and can't wait to take pics to show everyone!


  1. You have great taste! I love the bedroom set and the sofa (especially the colour).

    Max and I bought a new mattress recently and it changed out lives! We are on the hunt for 2 new pillows now...what exactly is a "shredded rubber pillow"??

  2. What a beautiful bed! Can't wait to see what it looks like all set up :)

  3. Thanks ladies!

    Crystal,shredded latex rubber pillows are pillows made with a filling of the soft shredded latex they make the mattresses from. They over stuff them so that you can customize them y removing some if you like it less full. They had them in the store on the bed we tried, and I love them! Super comfortable, though you wouldn't want to get into a pillow fight with one...they're really heavy!

  4. Love the bedroom set!

    If you head over to my blog you'll find that there is an award heading your way!

  5. Clicked through to your blog today via Cupcake Caramel. I've been working my way backwards through your posts, and it's like finding buried treasure. Each post is a little gem! I'm just loving your blog so much, and I thought you should know!

  6. Jacqui, thank you so much!

    Tallulah, Welcome! I love hearing from new readers and I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

  7. I meant to tell you I love the new look for your blog. Beautiful!

  8. I love the couch. We have the same color bed.