Thursday, February 16, 2012


* I've managed to peel an entire bucket of crayons to make more heart crayons for our future brood.

* I love the word brood.  Even more, I love picturing a backyard full of children looking like a mini U.N.

* I have a to-do list as long as my house is tall, and I LOVE it!

* I am strangely on task lately, hiking up and down 2 flights of stairs all day (as long as the dictatoress allows it) to complete things off the forementioned list.

* My life is in a major upheaval right now, and I've still yet to deal with my stress by going back to my eating disorder.  MAJOR accomplishment.

* I spend an insane amount of time asking E "Really?" as she takes after me and will chatter all day.

* We call her the doppleganger. At different moments she looks like I did as a small child or my daddy.

* While slowly getting the house done I've sort of neglected myself, and probably need a pamper evening before my husband wonders who the strange hairy/unpolished person is standing in front of him.

* We walked the 10 blocks to our local cafe this afternoon and it was beautiful.

* And most importantly, I really need coffee talk with T.  

I've been given 2 blogging awards recently which I hope to address this week/weekend.  I also have half a dozen posts cued up, just ready for pics.  I'm feeling lighter than I have in a long while, learning to just focus on what I and my family need right this moment rather than worrying too much.  Life is beautiful indeed, my friends.

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  1. I love making an organized to-do list and then getting busy crossing things off! Let us know about your progress, and good luck!