Monday, February 13, 2012

Using My Pins

I've pinned a lot on Pinterest, but have not really used it for much so far.  But the past few days I've tried my hand at 4 different things I've pinned.  And so far, so good!

First, I love a clean stove top, but with gas the burners get a wee bit dirty and are nearly impossible to clean.  But recently I found a tutorial where you put them in freezer bags with a couple tablespoons of ammonia, let them sit overnight and then they're pretty much clean the next day.  Turns out it works beautifully.  And since I bought a gallon of ammonia I'll be good for a while!

Second, G brought home a cold last week.  Lovely right?  Well while hunting for another pin, I found one I'd saved a while back and voila!  It's for Homemade Cough and Cold Syrup by Keeper of The Home. Onions, honey, cloves and ginger.  G is not a fan of the taste at all, but it seems to have made the colds go away!

Today, I had a bit of free time while Nora napped.  I cleaned and then thought I had some time to be crafty.  I had a bucket of old crayons from freecycle a while back, a silicone heart mold I bought on clearance after Valentine's day last year, and so I got to work.  It was a pain, as the glue on some of the crayons did not want to let them peel easily.  But in the end I got these and I love them!  I still have enough to make 3-4 more sets, and since they store more nicely I'll be doing that this week to store for Nora later. 

Finally, I recently purchased a bunch of beeswax candles (28 votives, and 15 pillars) along with two large bars of beeswax, each weighing 1 lb. 5 oz. from Old Mill Candles.  I highly recommend them if you are looking for good beeswax candles, and they offer discounts on bulk purchases.  I bought the beeswax in order to make lotion bars and beeswax polish.  I cut down, melted and mixed with mineral oil to get this:

I ended up with this mason jar, a small pot, and a bowl of this polish.  It smells wonderful and works fantastically (I use it on kitchen items like spoons and this butcher's block, as well as furniture).  And each bar is more than enough to make 5 times this amount.

Are you on Pinterest?  Have you tried to make anything off of it?

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