Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Crocus already in bloom, and a cute cement snail.
It has been beautiful weather lately, and in keeping with my losing weight in a normal, natural way I've been attempting to have us walk to more places.  Unfortunately the days are still shorter, but when we do catch it right (particularly on the weekends), it's been great to walk the 10 blocks up to a favorite cafe or to the farmer's market.
Nora heartily enjoys it, because she gets worn in the sleepy wrap.  It's cozy, and she gets to nap curled up against her daddy.  It's a win-win. 
Painted ladies!
Two of the large art museums here in Charm City are not very far from my home and I'm looking forward to taking walks there later this spring.  It's nice to get out and stroll again like I did in England.  Walking is great both for taking in fresh air, and for exercise, as it provides great low impact exercise.
Alert but calm.
I encourage you to get out today and see what you can explore just walking about your own area!


  1. That's what we did today as the weather was so perfect! My legs are sore and I'm sure going to sleep well tonight!

  2. Love the photos!

    I love walking around my neighbourhood too. Of course I sub in a dog instead of a baby, but the result is still the same :) Some days there is nothing better than a stroll in the sunshine to life your spirits.

    Enjoy the weekend!