Friday, February 24, 2012

With Gratitude

Eleanor is 3 months old today.  I'm amazed.  It's cliche, but some days it seems to be flying and I can't believe she's that old, and other days I can't believe she's only been here 3 months.  That being said, it's been an amazing 3 months!  And I have some gifts that I want to thank people for.  We feel incredibly blessed to have such amazing people in our lives, and I cannot thank them enough for these little bits of love sent Nora's way.
Before Nora arrived, Adrienne from Rich Life on a Budget sent these adorable socks our way!  The top of them have ribbon all ruffled up and I cannot wait until we have Nora in these!  Thank you Adrienne!
Fiona from How To Be Chic sent these awesome shoes by the New Zealand company Bobux.  They're still quite a bit big, but I love the star pattern (what with G talking about taking E out to teach her astronomy).  Thank you so much Fiona, we love them!
 My cousin Jennifer had a bunch of these bibs made for Nora.  I love them and they've already come in handy for her drooling all the time.  Thank you Jen!
This hat (along with 2 others) and the following blanket were made by my Aunt Karol.  I think they're beautiful, and the blanket is the current fave to snuggle her into the car seat with.  Thank you Aunt Karol for these thoughtful gifts!
To contrast how Nora looks in those photos, at about 6 weeks old (they were her 2 month old shots that we did a little late), here is how she looked just an hour ago:

That last one is because she's recently discovered this phenomenon called feet!

Thank you again to everyone, we feel very loved!

*EDIT*  I was going through photos today and realized that we have 2 outfits from my Aunt Denise that I totally forgot to post about on here (she's too little for them yet, so they completely didn't register when I was writing this post, sorry!).  The first one is size 3 months, so hopefully she'll be in it soon!

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  1. What lovely gifts those for Nora! She is so blessed! I really like the personalized bibs, so cute.