Tuesday, February 28, 2012

French Night Out

Last night on a whim, G and I decided to head out to a favorite French restaurant, Tersiguel's to use up a Living Social deal we had.  I booked a table using Open Table and in the special requests section I mentioned we had a 3 month old and that a table where we could get up to take her outside if she got fussy would be nice.  When we arrived, they had us in one of the smaller rooms (the restaurant is in an old, old house).  They made sure we were perfectly comfortable and let us know we were fine and to not worry about the baby being disruptive at all.
G bouncing Nora.
The night was great.  The chef had made up a special amuse bouche (translated to mouth amuser) of toast with a eggplant mixture that I actually liked (and sadly eggplant is the one veggie I normally am not so into).  We began with an amazing spread of hors d'oeuvres of calamari, mussels, clams and shrimp.  I ordered the frog legs and the tomato garlic mixture that was with them was heavenly.  G had a pot with a variety of ham and sausage and veggies with sauerkraut...a sort of stew that was incredibly tasty.
All through this, Nora was pretty well behaved.  She's been very interested in our food lately, staring at it intently, watching us chew.  I've been holding up things for her to smell and she seems to definitely be our child, though she'll have to wait a few months to taste anything.  And the staff!  At one point the maitre d' came to tell us that the entire staff was in love with her, and that that was why they kept peeking in.  They were all incredibly friendly and did seem to want to come look at her and talk to her (complementing her leopard leggings at one point).  She did need to be held most of the time, but we worked it out.

We rounded out the night with coffee and their divine creme caramel.  Then the maitre d' brought us out some house made blueberry sorbet that he thought would be a perfect palette cleanser.  It was delicious as well.  We gathered our things up, Nora nearly asleep, the maitre d' helped us outside and told me that we had made his day.  I assured him that their excellent staff had made our night wonderful.
She couldn't quite make it through dessert.
It was nice to get out for a nice dinner in a place where they were more than accommodating, to sort of feel out how Nora would be.  It was different than it was when it was just us two, but we did still manage to discuss world events, political ideologies, the new church we're attending, etc.  At the end of the night the bill was more than we had planned on spending, but I assure you it was worth every penny.  In fact, I'd be bold and say the night was absolutely priceless.


  1. mmmm blueberry sorbet sounds divine!

    Glad to hear you had a lovely night out with your little family. Not too happy about the frogs' legs, but I'll let it go ;)

    Nora is beautiful :)

  2. Oh my, Nora is super adorable!! What a beautiful night out with your little family. It's funny as I do the same with Tessa and let her smell the things we are eating, lol!

    I've always had frogs Asian style (the whole thing). What you had sounds amazing!

    BTW, you look stunning!!!