Friday, April 20, 2012

French Friday

G is working on his French again.  He's starting over, and the great thing? Um...I have Nora, which means that I have an excuse as to why I have to be doing something (anything) else while he's learning French.  I don't claim to be fluent anymore (I too am working on mine), however, I have a natural accent from learning it so young from native speakers, and it drives me bonkers to listen to him.  And it drives him bonkers because I can be across the room correcting him and the computer will pick up on my voice and give him the "correct" sign and move him forward even when he sucked at whatever he was working on.  So then he has to backtrack.

However, I am super excited for him.  And why is this so super important?  Because after we kiss the military life goodbye we're looking at possibly moving back to western Europe permanently.  G's options are wide open.  We can always stay here in Charm City, which would be....charming.  But the companies that do what G does have places all over the world.  One we've looked into has half a dozen in England, in Paris, in Rome, etc.  Yep, Paris. 

10 years ago I was 17, planning to head to Paris at the end of that May.  I was thrilled, it was the trip I'd been planning since I was 5.  And I fell in love with the city during the 9 days (way too short) that we were there.  I was the group's leader (mainly because my French was the only one that could be relied on to be understood by the locals), our teacher was the Spanish one because our teacher's father was dying. :(, and we eventually weaseled our way into going off on our own.  It was wonderful and I loved the rhythm of the city. The busy-ness of it, while still having hamlets of pause.

Then when G and I moved to England he was so not into city life, but I slowly but surely showed him the errors of his ways.  He learned to love both the drives through the country and the bustle of the city.  The cafes, the terrace eating, the parks.  Mainly the relaxed feel to everything.  So I may be the only one with a blog talking about it, but we both want to go back.  And even better...Paris!  (or at least frequent trips across the Channel.)

Until then, however, we're working on the French and we decided last night that this summer will be dedicated to living the life we lived over there.  Hunting down parks to be lazy in.  Playing petanque (he doesn't know how to's adorable).  Sitting at cafes and just reveling in life.  Oh, and wine, lots of wine.

Which reminds me, it's bubbly Friday and we don't have any on hand.  Maybe this summer should be Lillet Fridays?  Hmm...

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