Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Musings On Men's Shirts

I hinted at something this past weekend that I'd like to expand on.  While thrift shopping a week or two ago, in the middle of looking for button downs for G, I held one up against myself for him.  He nodded and smiled, which seemed to perplex my friend.  I told her, "It's for me."  Now, clearly it's not a good fit for me, so I went on to explain that there is nothing as sexy as a woman in a men's shirt, preferably with lace boyshorts underneath.

Now, G is a long and lean sort of guy, and maybe one day his shirts would work.  With my curves, I can fit into them, but not in a loose, sexy, disheveled sort of way.  Originally I just grabbed an old soft one of his that had gotten too big for him, but now I occasionally pick one up while out. 

I own some nice, sexy lingerie...garter belts and the like.  But those are really undergarments.  For a truly sexy look, I stick with a man's shirt and lace knickers.  And I highly recommend it, because it is the perfect sultry look (especially paired with hair that is mildly messy) for any woman, any size or shape. 

Have you tried this look?


  1. I haven't but maybe I should now!!! :)


  2. It does work well! ;)

    I've tried a few variations - pairing cute under-things with long cardis and his flannel button ups (in winter).

  3. I agree 100% with your comment about how most (IMO) men love the woman they love in a mans shirt, sexy panties or girl boxers. I like a longer dress shirt so I look for the big and tall mens section at thrift stores. Have a dear friend who is sixty six years old and a knock out, and her husband loves her in that attire.