Friday, April 27, 2012

Foodie in Training

Well, hopefully our daughter has a great love for produce like we do.  Today we met with our new pediatrician and discovered that while Nora is now 27" tall (holy cow!), she also is only 11 lbs. 3 oz.  And while after her hospital stays she had gotten down to 9 lbs something, it's not good that she's still so little.  We've ruled out most any cause (she doesn't throw up, etc), so our doctor recommended giving some solid foods a try once a day.  The majority of her food is still supposed to be breastmilk until at least 9 months, so it'll be a baby fist sized amount each afternoon. 

I'm trying to remain positive and not worry.  She said that she seems like a really happy baby, and that is a huge sign to look for.  But if she doesn't put on weight over the next 5 weeks, we'll be running tests.  More than likely it's just genetics (tall and skinny runs in both our families), but we want to make sure. 

So I've picked up sweet potatoes and butternut squash to steam until it's mashable.  We're putting them in these self-feeding contraptions so she can feed herself something that isn't mush.  And of course bananas.  Then we'll move on to trying avocados, as they are higher fat.  Let's hope she's a little foodie (as she seems to be already) and that she puts on at least 1/2 a lb. by the end of May.


  1. I don't remember at what age a child can eat peanut butter but Alayna went through a bit of the same thing with needing to put on some weight. Her pediatrician said peanut butter. Again, I don't remember the age though...

  2. Hi there - I believe babies under a year old shouldn't be given peanut butter, or honey either. Good luck!

  3. I remember (years ago) the pediatrician saying we needed to go ahead and start our baby boy on baby cereal because he was hungry! I can't remember his age, but he was probably only about 3 or 4 months old, but boy, was he happy to get his cereal. Until then I had no idea the formula (I didn't breastfeed) wasn't enough. I bet little Nora will love the yummy foods you give her. She is such a cute little girl! You're a great mom!

  4. We do fresh purred peaches, pears, sweet potato,peas,carrots at around 8 months. One or two tablespoons of a fruit at noon, then the vegetable at dinner. Having been a La Leche League leader member I know some babies can get all the nutrients from breast milk if Mom is eating very healthy as well. And some babies will reach for table food at age six months. It varies.Once can (and should IMO) continue to breastfeed even once table food is introduced. I tend to believe in self weaning as well. The late Princess Grace was the first international ambassador for LLL.