Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting Back

G went out for coffee with a friend last night and I stayed in and made pizza dough while wearing Nora.  She was screaming and just angry (tired) and  am quite surprised but I handled it well.  I seem to be getting this mama thing down more and more each day. Which means I'm less stressed and that I'm focusing more on the things I used to. Like food.
I make these delicious prosciutto stuffed mushrooms that according to a recent taster have "all these different levels of flavor."  I love them, so decided to try to make a pizza using most of the ingredients.  Voila!  A tasty pizza with goat cheese, prosciutto, shallot, and mushrooms.  G said it was quite possibly the best pizza I had ever made (and he really likes my pizza normally)! I'll have to post the recipe sometime soon.
The night before I had made pasta carbonara and served it with roasted asparagus.
And salad with marinated artichokes. 
Smoked English Cheddar and Aged Gouda...both part of my birthday cheese basket from J!
Oh and cheese.  And wine.
Raspberry sorbet, fresh raspberries and rose Lillet.
And dessert.  It was a long meal.
She crashed after dinner while we watched Castle.
I love a good meal.  The food.  The time to connect with G (and Nora who is usually on one of our laps).  It feels like life is getting back to a new semblance of our old normal.

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  1. Your food photographs always look positively mouth-watering! You always have such a pretty presentation with your meals.