Wednesday, May 2, 2012

C'est Ne Pas Une Fete

I'm 28 today.  It's sort of surprising because I only remembered about a week ago, and worse, yesterday it kind of snuck up on me again.  It feels so....unimportant.

I can remember looking forward to birthdays with extreme delight.  And it's not that I'm fearing getting older.  Au contraire, I may be the only one of my friends actually looking forward to 30....and I've already told G I want a huge Marie Antoinette fete. I think it's just that I no longer get excited about the idea of gifts and the whole hullabaloo for the every year birthday. 

G took off today.  I bought myself a leather kindle cover at TJMaxx last Friday and called that and a bottle of nail polish good for my birthday.  We're headed out to coffee and a croissant, groceries (so hopefully I can make mussels for dinner), lunch at a bistro, picking up macarons and dessert at our local French patisserie.  See a theme?  It's that time of year when I want a lot of lighter French food. 

So here I am.  28 and a first time mama married to a man who loves me beyond words.  I woke up to Smooshy and my love and it is all a woman could ask for. 


  1. Joyeux anniversaire, Kate! J'espère que ta journée est pleine de merveilles.

  2. Sounds delightful!
    Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Kate! Macarons were definitely a good call!

    I'll be 30 next Thursday, and Max and I are going somewhere special to celebrate. I'll post all about it on my blog.

    I hope 28 is an amazing year for you and your little fa :)

  4. Happy Birthday! From one fabulous 28-year-old Marylander to another! ;)

  5. Happy Birthday, Kate! I hope your day is spectacular.
    xo, A

  6. Happy happy birthday to you, Kate!