Saturday, July 7, 2012

Clearing Things Up

It seems that many people are concerned about my responsibilities with our cat.  In order to shut the topic down I thought this follow up post would help.

I wrote that highlights post when I was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and thought that came through.  G is allergic to the cat.  We have been seeking, and continue to seek,  ways to improve that aspect.  I also found his old bell collar and he now hates me (the cat, not G) because he rings whenever he moves and can no longer sneak attack the dogs (one of his favorite pasttimes). 

Max is an amazing cat.  If we found that we did have to find him a new home I know several women who work at our vet's office that threatened to take him home after the last time we boarded him...and were serious.  He's insanely lovable, hence why it stresses me out the idea of it not working out with him.  He and I spent a lot of time together snuggling while G was in Iraq last year...enough that when G returned Max saw him as competition and would (usually playfully) attack him when he got in bed. 

So for those who are clearly upset about this, please don't be.  He's spent the last few days curled up with me getting plenty of love and belly rubs (he's an odd duck).  He's not going anywhere anytime soon because every time I even consider it I instantly think of why that pains me.  I've also had moments where I've considered giving up each of the dogs, Garret and occasionally Nora when she won't stop screaming from teething.  It's life and it's honest.  If you want smoke and mirrors, rainbows and fluffy kittens, then you need to find other blogs to read.

*EDIT*  I read this post to G and he laughed and said that he wants a blog all about fluffy kittens and rainbows.  Of course he does. :)


  1. I understand those moments when you want to give up on pets, and occasionally husbands and kids ... it's just the natural ups and downs of life! :-)

    But it is your life and if that is something that you and your family need to do it's really no-one elses business.

    Those who have followed you for a while now know better than to believe you would do something like that without serious consideration and sadness. And that is precisely why I do have respect for you, unlike the person who commented on your previous post.

    And fluffy kittens and rainbows would get boring after a while. Real life is much more interesting!

  2. Despite you being exhausted with real life, you're a responsible person Kate. Your love for your pets shows on this blog!

  3. My French CornerJuly 8, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    Bravo for responding to the comments rather than taking them down. Folks need to keep those opinions to themselves.

    From someone who has been following your blog for a long time, you are doing a terrific job at being a mom, a wife, and a chic chick.

  4. Hello Kate,
    You are quite an inspiration, so I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. For more, click here->

  5. Jacqui, Ping, and My French Corner said all that I wanted to say, but much more eloquently so I'll leave it at that. xo