Friday, July 6, 2012


It's late and I'm here glancing over at Nora who is sprawled across G.  Nora seems to be adjusting to my work schedule, though I now get more haikus from Garret about coming home to an empty house.  Life is just good right now.
For the 4th we were supposed to head to some friends of ours' home, but thanks to all the power outages here they had to cancel.  So instead we invited them over here to BBQ.  A whole family.  For dinner.  Last minute.  We rushed about tidying up; and can I just tell you it feels like it was supposed to be that way?  Suddenly our whole lower level (sitting room, kitchen, dining room) are tidy.  Nora's room is tidy (not that she uses it for anything really).  We had a great time and eventually headed over to their place to watch a big fireworks display.  I looked at G and realized that in 5 years of marriage it was the first time watching fireworks like that together.  Nora didn't care for the sound but she was in awe of the lights. Magical.

Then today G had the day off while I worked, which was whoa odd, and he did some things around the house. I came home tonight and lit a candle and relaxed.  I felt calm about having no clue what to make for dinner and in a flash decided to through together some little pierogi-like pastries with leftover smashed potatoes and some ground beef.  I made 3 flavors: some with scallions, some with sauteed red onions, and some with tandoori and curry powder.  Delicious!

I've said for years that I need a tidy and orderly home for my own sanity, but struggled to get it that way.  It's not just G.  I also tend to let my artsy side take over and stop mid project because of responsibilities and then clutter sneaks in and I just get beyond overwhelmed.  But today I just felt so calm.  And I washed up the dishes and cleaned up the minimal clutter (mail and such).  I can maintain like nobody's business, but I need fast approaching deadlines to get it all done in the first place (which is how I rocked my college papers, thankyouverymuch).  

Tomorrow a friend is coming for coffee and G and I are kicking the office's butt.  Life isn't perfect but it's better than it's been in a while.

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  1. Deadlines are a natural motivator. I had a meeting with a counseling client today and told her that she should embrace deadlines in her life, especially financial ones as they help you hone a discipline to always get your homework/housework done!

    Last minute dinner parties are usually the most fun because you simply don't have time to stress about the meal. You have to follow your instincts in cooking, and it sounds like you did it beautifully!