Wednesday, June 27, 2012


So, I am busy busy and have decided to just do bullet points out of sheer laziness.

• Time with friends last weekend was so very needed.  A great boost to begin the week.  And I figured out how to better make flowers for Nora's head.  Win!

• Work week (2 days so far) has gone much better than last week.  Nora seems to be adjusting, I'm adjusting and it's working out decently.  Last week was hell, with me crying in the bathroom at one point, but taking it day by day to see if this is a good fit for me and my family.

• Had to have a convo with G about him pulling his weight and helping with meals.  Went well, but we'll see.  I told him I didn't care if it was ramen, but he needed to help cook.

• Two nights ago he made meatloaf.  While I slept.  Awesome.

• Nora is almost crawling.  I'm freaking out and one of my co-workers pointed out that this is when you should push them over to delay it.  We're clearly kindred spirits on this point!

• Headaches the past 2 days have made me somewhat grouchy.  Not sure what is causing them. Also had something happen to my sinuses starting when I began work and I sound like a 60 year old smoker.  Not cool.

• And finally I'm pretty sure we're finding a new home for our cat.  Love him, but G is allergic and recently because we don't have every minute of every day for him (he's needy) he's become more destructive. 


  1. I enjoy reading your blog, but I have to say I am really disappointed in you. I understand you are busy, but dumping your cat on someone else is not cool! You should have known your husband was allergic before you took in the cat. At your husband's age he has probably been around cats at some point in his life. As for your cat being needy...well pets are needy in general. Destructive behavior can be controlled.

    I see people give their pets to friends and family, only to see them eventually end up in shelters. Sorry, but I have lost respect for you. Maybe blogging is more important to you than following through on other responsibilities.

  2. I thought crawling was a good thing. Anyone want to enlighten me?

  3. Jen, while I respect your right to your opinion, you don't know me. My husband has been around cats his whole life. This one for whatever reason (different breed, whatnot) is causing some serious problems with breathing for him that he's never experienced before. And while I love your last comment I find it laughable. Clearly lately my life has taken precedence over my blogging.

  4. Jeff, it is! She was just laughing because once they start crawling they're growing and on the move and harder to corral!

  5. Got it. Need to adjust my sarcasm meter.

  6. You hang in there and YOU do what YOU need to do. If the cat is not working out, then you, your husband and your baby take precedence.
    I hope you're getting some meals cooked for you! :)

  7. that is a tough situation. you took on the responsibility of the care of a little being.that you are now putting out of your home. you seem very concientious, so i will hope that if you do give your cat away, you will see that she, does not go into a shelter, miserable confused, stressed and homeless, where she could be euthanized, bought by people who could abuse or neglect her, or even companies or universities who can experiment on her. this truly happens. if you do need to give her away, make sure it is to a friend or family member so tjat you will always be able to insure that her welfare is looked after. i hope that your burdens around the housr and with baby get lighter and your enjoyable. good luck!

  8. Destructive in what way? I'm expecting a baby soon and my mom warned me about cat jealousy, and that he may start peeing everywhere but his litter box in an attempt to get attention if he is feeling neglected due to the new baby. I wanna be prepared for his destructive behavior because tho I love te cat like a child, I feel some neglect is inevitable once the baby comes...