Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heigh Ho

I interviewed yesterday for a job and got it! I'm starting training this week, and super excited about this.  It really for me is all about getting out of the house and doing a job I feel capable and (fairly) knowledgeable about.  And the best part is that Nora will go to work with me, so I'll get out of the house and so will she!  I'm looking forward to getting to work with some amazing ladies.  And the fact that I'll be working with cloth diapers and slings/wraps/etc and natural parenting sort of stuff is right up my alley.

Life has been chaotic lately.  Nora has had a ton of blood work done.  So far we haven't heard back about the latest round, but I'm beginning to worry less.  She is finally seeming to put on some weight, and her thighs are getting a touch roly poly.  And she's asserting herself much more lately!  Climbing all over me and collapsing her whole body in a tantrum when she's upset (usually because whatever food she wanted is now gone). 

It's a new season around here.  Time to break out the my schedule planner and figure out how to get it all done!


  1. At the first sentence, I thought to myself 'who will take care of Nora?' So happy that you got the job and that Nora will be going with you. I can't wait to hear how it goes for you.

    Will be keeping her blood work in prayers. She's in the Lord's hands. I'm happy to hear that she's gaining weight, yay!

  2. Your first sentence also made me start! However, the fact that you can take Nora, and that it's something that really interests you, sounds great - good luck!

  3. Thanks ladies! So far so good!