Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I've recently acquired three new beauties that I absolutely adore.
First, I ordered a scarf from Janice at The Vivienne Files when she was having a stash sale.  I picked the Promenade de Longchamps and I love it!  I knotted it to make a necklace the same day it arrived.  Luckily I was wearing yellow, which worked with the scarf.
Secondly, last week we hit up First Friday here in Baltimore (in the Hampden neighborhood) and as we walked from shop to shop (with bubbly at different places), I decided to get a silver chain bracelet that is simple, chunky, but understated (it was made in Milan and I love the simplicity).  It's from The Parisian Flea and I've worn it nearly every day (I left it on my bedside table one day and was quite sad).
That same day I also walked down to Studio C, a jewelry store here in Charm City that is wonderful.  C is for Constance who has some jewelry made from cut tins as well as silver and semi-precious stones, which is also available on etsy (the link takes you there).  I originally started out with her unique tin jewelry, but my recent purchase I wore today.  It's a silver and lapis lazuli necklace.
Overall I'd say that I'm adding to my wardrobe quite successfully.  I'm continuing to edit (constantly) so eventually I'll only own things I truly love wearing.   And it's a balancing act when it comes to the cost of things.  Hermes scarves are not inexpensive, but some of my favorite scarves are also ones I've picked up for a couple dollars at thrift stores.  It's about quality and style.

**Speaking of style and beauties, I have to say I love the way Nora was rocking her quatrefoil skirt and silk rose headband.  I'm not biased or anything.** 

Have you treated yourself to anything lately?  Or perhaps you're paring down?


  1. Love the yellow scarf, it's beautiful. Looks so good with that sweater and black top.

    I have to also say that I like the way you've tied that scarf. Is it tied at the back of your neck? I might try that myself.

  2. All three additions are lovely and great choices! That bracelet is really beautiful, what a find :)

    I've always admired how you slowly build and add to your wardrobe with careful thought. The end result is very "you". I never see you photographed in anything that isn't cohesive to your personal style.

    Nora looks so sweet in that photo!

  3. Hi Kate, I think congratulations are in order; Nora is only a few months old and already you seem to have your style mojo back - in stark contract to how I looked and felt with my babies!!!

  4. Those pieces are so nice! It's also nice to read about the small steps to cultivating a personal style which is pretty important.

    Since I happen to live in the Baltimore Metropolitan Area, maybe I'll check out those shops...

    I love Nora's quatrefoil skirt too! :)

  5. Great new purchases! I love the scarf especially. You and Nora look positively chic!