Friday, October 19, 2012

French Friday

I recently purchased a set of 5 coat and hat hooks from a woman in France.  They're lovely.  Turned wood.  Cast iron.  Nice and big and perfect for a future project.  She also included a beautiful red and white French kitchen towel.
What future project may that be?  A café!  Ever since I found the perfect little shop for sell in a small British town, I've dreamed of purchasing a place and turning it into a chocolaterie/café.  G and I have been discussing it for years, and I recently begun to sit down and write out what I need, what my plans are, and what sort of things I still need to look into (permits, business stuff, etc).  I can picture the place in my head clear as day, and so have been slowly looking at purchasing pieces that can be used in our home for now, and later in the café.

Simple.  Warm.  A place where regulars come and chat with me about life.  Old wood floors.  Small, intimate tables with curved wooden chairs.  A long bar with wood and iron stools.

Lately I've spent time drawing things up and writing up recipes and menus.  It probably is over a decade down the road, but I like to plan ahead. 


  1. This is a fantastic idea! I would love a place like this to go to and I'm sure it would appeal to many.

  2. Hi Kate - have you ever read the blog Put Your Flare On? Aimee is an American married to a French guy, living in Paris. A few years ago - maybe 4? - she bought a tea house in her neighbourhood. This post reminded me of what she did - it had long been her dream. Here's a link to her archives Look under 'Cafe Stories'.

  3. Good for you Kate! You should absolutely do whatever you can to make your dreams a reality and the best way to do that, is by planning ahead :)

  4. I've been to Aimee's tea house :) It's really cute, but not the same style as you are looking at doing.

    Anyway, I love your idea, and it's nice to have long term projects to plan and look forward to putting into action!

  5. Marvelous & ambitious endeavor--and I can't think of anyone more suited to make this divine cafe dream a reality than you, my friend!