Saturday, October 13, 2012

Nothing But A Blue Sky Now

This city has grown on me so much these last 3 years.  I spend so many days walking to meet friends or grab coffee or just take Nora to this little park nearby and as we walk I look around and it looks like home.  It's not England, it isn't slow enough for my liking, but it's turning into a home of sorts.
Today we walked to the farmer's market and on the way got caught up in the excitement of the Baltimore Marathon.
We had grown (middle aged+) adults dressed up in tiger outfits, standing on their car, blaring the theme for Rocky.  We had a guy dressed all in orange with a huge orange flag (representing the Orioles I guess) running with the runners.  College kids set up with beer and food.  Babies with signs for their daddy.  And a woman holding one of the Ryan Gosling meme style posters to encourage the runners. 
And now we're home and turning on our electric fireplace because it's damn cold here.  Trout will be cooked en papilotte tonight, while soup simmers on the stove and leeks are baked with a breadcrumb topping.  A white wine is chilling.  Hot apple cider will be curled up with.  Cozy moments achieved. 

Home.  This idea that had seemed so unreachable even a year ago.  When we least expected it we discovered the heels needn't be clicked after all. 


  1. Glad you are feeling more "homey" now. I'm still waiting to feel that way about France. The Fall is my favourite time of year in Canada, and not being there right now is hard. But I suppose it's true when they say "home is where the heart is" because my heart is definitely here with Max and my bébés :)

    I'd love the leek & breadcrumb recipe too! I'm making a potato leek soup tonight I found on Pinterest. Hope it turns out!

  2. Crystal, as much as I love France, I'm no longer even close to fluent in French and I've worried that if we moved there I'd take a while to make it home.

    If the leek and potato recipe doesn't turn out fantastic, let me know! I have a great one we make often.

  3. I'm glad you're starting to feel more at home. I didn't make nearly as big a move as you, but I can definitely identify with the struggle for this city to feel like home. It sounds like a lovely weekend though :) The weather was perfect for some outside time!